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      About us

      Shanghai Hua Niu Food Co., Ltd. started planning in October 2007. The food processing and production enterprise with independent legal person qualification registered in 2010 registered the “Hua Niu” trademark, and became the CCTV net potato food in 2011-2016. The gold booth partner mainly produces potato chips, purple potato chips and newly developed microwave popcorn, butterfly popcorn and spherical popcorn products imported from the United States. In 2016, the company newly launched a series of expanded food products such as French fries, wheat chicken, rice cakes and rice crackers. At present, our company is preparing for the construction of raw material deep processing base. The company is located in Litahui Economic Development Zone, Shihudang, Songjiang District, Shanghai, 700 meters away from Litahui tourist attraction in the west. The first phase of the company covers an area of ??8,000 square meters, with an investment of 11.81 million yuan. It has 82 employees, including 18 technical backbone personnel, 5 undergraduates and 13 junior college graduates. The third phase of the project started in 2017, covering an area of ??100 mu, with an estimated investment of 120 million yuan.
      Puffed foods such as French fries, potato chips and spherical popcorn and non-fried foods such as fragrant chicken nuggets are a popular industry in the world. They are transplanted from economically developed regions to the Chinese market, accumulating products with potential for development. Hua Niu uses domestic advanced automatic potato chips and French fries production lines and processes to create honest and trustworthy, high-quality, nutritious, economical, crisp and mellow, easy to eat delicious products, thus becoming Shanghai-centered, East China, Southeast Market-focused sales landscape. The company provides a platform for investment, hoping to bring a wealth of business opportunities to dealers across the country.
      Under the theme of advancing with the times and seeking development, we have already listed and sold in the Tesco stores, Auchan stores, education supermarkets, Shanghai Bailian Group, and distributors in some parts of the country, which are well received by consumers! Our company will always adhere to the principle of "quality first, credit first, service first" to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. A high sense of responsibility for employees, consumers, and society.
      Hot pillows welcome customers from all over the world to come to our company to guide and negotiate business!

      Address: Building 1, Gate 1, No. 128, Yuxin Road, Lita, Shanghai  © 2018 Shanghai Hua Niu Food Co., Ltd.  沪ICP备19006710号-1    Powered by SAIPU
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